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About is a site designed to inform actors about, and persuade California legislators to fix, AB1318, known as the Krekorian Talent Scam Prevention Act.

As it stands, AB1318 has a chilling effect on actors who want the choice to pay to attend casting workshops and meet potential customers, the casting directors that work in the LA film and television industry.

It also has a chilling effect on workshop and networking companies who organize these classes, and on the casting directors themselves who don’t want to risk running afoul of this poorly constructed law.

In addition, the local Deputy City Attorney, writing on the letterhead of the City Attorney himself, has add new requirements, such as actors not being allowed to give casting directors headshots, to the mix. Nowhere in the law does this requirement exist, except as an example, created out of whole cloth, of what would prove a meeting as a “paid audition.”

We seek to fix this, in particular with the help of the law’s author, Paul Krekorian. Now an LA city councilman, Krekorian managed the passage of this law while a California State assemblyman.

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  1. Kim Hopkins says

    I would just like to let you know that as actors returning to work after years away the workshops have been invaluable to my son and myself. We do have an agent but my credits were stale and I was not able to get any auditions and my son was in the same situation, we were both working actors previously, series regulars, film credits and hundreds of commercials between us.

    After attending workshops and relearning what it takes in todays market to get an audition, to do an audition on tape and see the casting assistants, associates and casting directors themselves to find out what each one likes and dislikes in their office during the audition process through the producer and network stages, we are well prepared.

    I have been called in by several big casting directors based on workshop performances. Either because they saw me or one of their associates or assistants recommended me. I was even called in for a Bruckheimer pilot this past season! BECAUSE OF WORKSHOPS! I have had 12 auditions from workshops, I did not know the casting directors before the workshops and my agent was unable to secure auditions for me until I started getting called in after workshops! I was comfortable, knowing what to expect and what was expected of me in each of those offices because of workshops. The confidence necessary to go in and do my best performance was there because I walked in with the knowledge necessary, what I learned in the workshops.

    I personally would not have been able to reconnect with casting directors who cast me in films 20 or 30 years ago without these workshops.

    I am happy to pay to learn this information, I am happy to give them my headshots. I pay greater amounts to acting teachers, coaches, vocal coaches and do not get anywhere near the benefit of these workshops.

    These workshops are a tool that should be available without stress in the pursuit of work in our field.

    It is my opinion that you should ask the actors what they want, not make decisions for them blindly, we are not children, we are professionals who are intelligent, educated and able to weigh the pros and cons and make informed decisions. This is our career and we need to have available all legitimate avenues to further it.

    To be sure there are scams out there that take advantage of actors, it would be in the best interest of actors to pursue those scams and remove them instead of focusing on workshops that are there to help actors. Professionals helping professionals, that is what the workshops are.

    I was on the negotiations team for the SAG/AFTRA negotiations with AMPTP in 2001, I am an advocate for actors and have been for a very long time. I truly believe that these workshops are key to helping actors learn, improve their chances and better their craft.

  2. Zaki says

    The casting workshops is our opportunity to learn and open the playing field:
    1. The information that is offered is invaluable in the casting process for future auditions.
    2. Things change in the audition process all the time especially with all the new technology that we would be blind to if current CD’s didn’t get to share the insight.
    3. You would never be as prepared as you are when auditioning if you never had the opportunity to get adjustments that are relevant to the audition process,
    4. Be exposed to what the producers and directors might expect under certain circumstances by the people that work for them (CD’s)
    5. Current trends to keep up with.
    6. Your headshot is an actors business card…. whereelse are we barred from offering a business card?
    7. One never gets a job from a CD at a workshop because they do not hire and we are acutely aware of that and even if one was called into an office that one attended a workshop with down the road you still have to audition with entirely different material, in front of other people that actually make the decisions

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