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This site was created by, and is solely run by, David H. Lawrence XVII.

That’e me.

This page is designed to make sure that there are no hidden agendas – that you know exactly what my motivations are, my background is, and what, if any, conflicts of interest you perceive me to have. I believe I have none, only the interest in being able to be free to spend my money as foolishly as some people might think, without the interference of state government or local law enforcement.

Some basics: I’m an actor and voice talent. I’m a member of both SAG and AFTRA. I am not a member of CSA.

I live in LA. I have no financial interest in any casting workshop company. I don’t represent casting workshop companies as a lobbyist or PR person, or in any other way. Nor do I represent anyone else, other than myself and likeminded fellow actors.

I take free and paid casting workshops, over 180 190 200 since 2007.

Every major role I’ve received on network television, except for my recurring role on Heroes, has begun as a meeting in a paid casting workshop, performing a scene for the casting director or assistant/associate, and later being called in for an audition. Most often, those roles have been in projects that were NOT the same as the project the casting person was working on when I first met them.

I regularly take paid casting workshops at Actors’ Key in Burbank, Signature Studios in Burbank, Act Now in Sherman Oaks and Reel Pros in Studio City.

I teach paid casting workshops, at each of these locations and others, as I cast voiceover projects.

I have occasionally taken workshops at AIA in Burbank, and ITA in Culver City.

My workshops each have a written syllabus, in the form of a handout that includes all of the points I make in the first hour of each class, and sample copy that actors read with me, as I direct them, in those workshops. The actors receive the MP3 files of their work and are free to use them as mini-demos on casting sites.

This approach has earned me an industry best-of/excellence award for 2010. Details to come.

I produce voiceover demos and install home recording equipment. Some of the attendees of my paid casting workshops and classes have become demo and equipment clients.

I have offered my services free of charge to both SAG and SAG Conservatory, as well as AFTRA and other paid casting workshops than those listed above and have yet to be contacted.

I teach the exact same content that I teach in paid casting workshops as part of an ongoing series of classes that I give at Actors’ Key in Burbank. I rent the location from Actors’ Key for the three hours that the class usually runs.

I developed and sell the iPhone/iPad app called Rehearsal, which I also personally use whenever I attend casting workshops where I get the sides in advance.

I have been the webmaster for Act Now, a casting workshop company, since 2008.

I have interned for casting agencies, including UDK and others, since 2007. I have also interned for solo agents, managers, management companies and larger agencies.

I am a member of The Actors’ Network and have attended many of their educational events, some of which have been with casting personnel, and have been called in for auditions by some of those guests. Often, TAN’s events are incorrectly referred to as paid casting workshops as TAN charges a membership fee. No actual auditioning takes place in these events.

I have had email correspondence and face to face meetings with dozens of casting directors, and most of the casting workshop owners in town on this subject.

I have had email correspondence and face to face meetings with over 100 actors in town on this subject.

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