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When IP addresses oddly match

If you follow the comment stream on the coverage of paid casting workshops on my site, I’ve asked one of the commenters there, Mimi Jensen, to share with us her background.

In the interest of transparency, I’d like to know that all commenters are above board about who they are and what their stake is in this discussion so that we can all better understand each other and our viewpoints.

No response on who she was and what her background was, but lots of comments.

With Mimi, something didn’t feel right. She, who seems not to exist on IMDB, but knows an awful lot about casting and workshops, had some pretty strong negative opinions about them and I started to feel uneasy about who she was. And something occurred to me, which I hoped not to be true. Unfortunately it was.

On a whim, I compared the IP addresses, which are recorded when you post comments on any of my blogs, of “Mimi Jensen,” commenting on the blog, with the IP address of Billy Da Mota, whose comments appear here on

Mimi Jensen’s comments were recorded as coming from the IP address

Billy Da Mota’s comments were recorded as coming from the IP address

Both the same. Strange. That means that both comments were sent from the same computer, or from different computers served by the same router – in the same physical location. when it’s a residential AT&T/Yahoo router serving the Burbank/Glendale/Pasadena area of LA from their Irvine hub.

Which it is, according to WHOIS.

That’s really, really, really creepy. And so, so sad.

Because posing as “Mimi Jensen,” Billy Da Mota calls casting people, who do what he does for a living “secretaries and list makers [who have] so little input into the casting decisions, it’s laughable” and then says, in anything but a loving fashion towards the people he judges daily, “actors can be pretty dumb.”

All after he excused himself from the discussion here, only to return with a fake persona to continue.

So when you read “Mimi’s” posts, know that they are actually the submissions of Billy Da Mota (or someone using Billy’s network connection), not some disinterested third party.

And know that he chose to do that – it doesn’t happen by accident. This tells me a lot about his character, and makes me sad all at the same time.

I won’t be looking at him the same way ever again, because this is the second time he’s hidden behind a fake name, and tried to torpedo something I’ve created.

Maybe Billy will come clean about this incident. I really can’t think of any reasonable explanation, but I’m sure if there is, he’ll let us know.

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  1. kJ says

    Interesting, “Mimi” posted a few comments on the Actors Rights Now facebook page and it look like “she” angered a few people. The comments have mysteriously disappeared…

  2. Ken Costanza says

    I have been receiving emails from Billy Damota…and “Mimi Jenson” for a while now. When someone from my company of the House of Actors (Workshop place) emailed Billy about it he flat out lied about it. I have the actual emails where he is quoting me and has complained about me to the Mark Lambert’s office. I have hundreds of Actors emailing Mark Lambert about this Law also…..It amazes me with the low budget and closed days down at the Courthouse etc, that the City Attorney’s office has all this time to investigate Workshops….but yet Crime and Gang Problems in LA….seem to go unchecked….

  3. Ken Costanza says

    I find it very interesting that SAG, AFTRA, the Casting Society of America, the State of California, Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, LA Councilman Paul Krekorian,, the MPAA, The Better Business Bureau, most major Hollywood studios (Sony, Disney, Warner Bros, MGM, Paramount, 20th Century Fox, Universal) and the RIAA and all are major Sponsors who supported this Law going into effect.

    First of all how is it that the Casting Society of America (CD’s Union) can set guidelines and interpret the Law anyway they want that directly affecting Actors without getting our approval on it. SAG is our Union and also AFTRA… yet does anyone every remember getting a Ballot on this to VOTE as to whether we support this new Law or not?

    All the Major Studios support the new Law. The Law does not want to go after them the owners of these Casting Offices who own the Casting Director Offices and who are the Employers of the Casting Directors because they have money, and powerful Attorney’s and friends in Congress. So of course the Law goes after the most vulnerable people of all….. the Actors and the Workshop places.

    If the Law was truthfully concerned about preventing Actors from getting ripped off from Workshop places they why wouldn’t just put a Cap limit on how much A Casting Director is legally able to charge as a Fee for their services at a Workshop. And would they not put a cap on what we Workshop places are able to charge to the Actors. This would eliminate any chance of Actors getting ripped off at any Acting Coaching Place, Workshop, Showcase Place, etc.

    What worthless Unions we belong too. Aftra and Sag collect Millions of dollars from their Actors (most of who are not even working) and do NOTHING to support these Actors by helping them get work, etc. like most Unions do in America.

    I will continue to push and pray that this Law gets over turned or abolished completely. CSA, SAG, AFTRA, THE STUDIOS, the City of LA, Governor all have had a Say in what happens to the Actors….except US Actors. I thought we lived in a Free Country….where a Democratic process takes place. Because Actors have had no votes or say in this at all.

    KEN 🙂
    Ken Costanza
    Founder/CEO House of Actors (Workshop place)

  4. suzie says

    right on Ken- the law is a joke! a $50,000 bond? What? What other industry has that? NONE! Yes, it’s amazing that the BROKE DOWN city of Los Angeles has the money to have officials using Gestapo tactics on small business owners. That letter was a threat. People, get together, get a lawyer and sue the city! They tried paying a similar law 10 years ago and it was stopped by a lawsuit. There’s power in numbers. Billy DaMota is a loser. He has a very sketchy background just like most of the politicians. Mark Lambert, city attorney, is was off on this, sorry.

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